On March 14, UMUSIC Experience’s Alex B. teamed up with Maize Collective at the University of Michigan to bring Yungblud onto campus as part of a music business panel titled “Industry Insight: Songwriters, Producers and Studio Musicians” to talk all things success in a fresh and unfiltered fashion. The event was livestreamed on Maize Collective’s Instagram for fans who couldn’t attend to watch. Before heading to his show at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit that night, Dom (Yungblud) gave the aspiring Ann Arbor artists some words of advice on maintaining a personal creative process after signing to a label. He says, “They signed you for a reason, because they like you and like your sound.” We couldn’t agree more with his honest and fresh perspective, just do you and stay original. Check out more on songwriting techniques, royalties, musical influences and more for yourself!

- Shelby Hull

UMUSIC Experience - East Lansing, MI 



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