1. Eminem x Beyoncé "Walk On Water"

Eminem gives us a power ballad with intensifying verses and a hummed hook while Beyoncé offers a graceful touch to the track. Sounding familiar to “Love the Way You Lie” but this time with a new Queen to duet with. The odd but impressive pairing sings along to only the hum of a grand piano delivering audible joy. 


2. Selena Gomez x Marshmello "Wolves"

Equally laced with acoustic and EDM tones, Selena and Marshmello are serving a looming twist to a dreamy love song. Selena says the lyrics mirror what she was going through at the time of collaborating with the future bass DJ. Her feelings are something we can all relate to which makes this such a heartfelt bop. 


3. B00ty "Funky Sista"

A groovy, old-school funk that radiates disco vibes. It’s the perfect electro-funk beat to set the tone for a wild night out. The duo mixes electric guitar with synth riffs and pristine, untouched vocals for a warm and colorful vibe. Start dancing.


4. Jessie J "Queen"

Powerhouse vocalist Jessie J rebrands herself from a pop star to an incredible R&B with a strong message to relay to women everywhere in her song Queen. Lyrics like “I love my body I love my skin I am a Goddess I am a Queen” are typically taboo, often perceived as cocky or self-absorbed. Jessie J is her to remind every female that those are words that should be said more often to encourage girls to be their own strength and empowerment. Join queens listening everywhere now.


5. Migos x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B "Motorsport"

Migos are mainly a sideshow to the two leading rap queens battling it out. They understand the culture since they create so much of it. In the rap game typically only one female comes out on top but perhaps Migos is making way for a new age. Either way this lit song needs to be the soundtrack to your next boujee night out. Catch Nicki and Cardi drag it out while Migos sounds the starter pistol with their accelerated lines.


6. NAV x Uzi "Wanted You"

A trap ballad for all those romances you regret that having you saying “I can’t believe I wanted you.” Nav’s monotone delivery and Uzi’s staccato flow combine to make a smooth narrative. This is a pair we definitely want to hear more of.


7. Prince Charlez "Back Around"

The singer songwriter tells the story of “feeling the need for a divine intervention.” Subtle guitar riffs and patting drum beats take the background to Charlez’s gritty, sharp vocals. The video reflects the desperation in voice taking a black and white, minimalistic mood. 


8. Jack & Jack "Beg"

Issa bop for sure. The pop-rap duo showcases their new mature sound with the use of wavy beats, simple finger clicks, and fresh lyrics. It’s a chill track with catchy lyrics that will have you seeing summer on the horizon. Check it out so we’re not the only ones with the song on loop in our heads.


8. Taylor Swift "… Ready For It?"

Taylor gives us a melodically rich, distorted bass, riddim filled song. She positions herself as the one who has the power over her affairs but still has an open heart. The lyrics take us through her successful persuasion of love, a story where she’s not wronged by a bad boy. The tables have turned and we’re here for it. 


10. Marco Mckinnis "Middle Of The Party"

Smooth, silky vocals and a melodious chorus weaved together to make an echoing R&B track. Dreamy, trailing hums flow in the background send shivers. It’s a heart wrenching soul drenched vibe that make this one you’ll want to leave on repeat. 


Bonus Track: Eves Karydas "There For You"

An artist so special we couldn’t leave her off the list, a true queen. With a voice like Lana Del Rey and her corky but sensual, doe-eyed style she landed the absolutely smashing cover of Vogue Australia. After moving to the U.S. two years ago she felt like somewhat of an outsider which we can all resonate with at some point. Now she he’s 23 years old and giving us her love letter to her life abroad in the gorgeous ballad. The video is an artistry of corky meets the more mature side of herself. 



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